Easter Activities 

This week 6th class created nests for Easter using papier mâché. The children painted eggs to put inside their nests. This activity was very messy and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

6th class also took on an egg drop challenge with their pods. The children had to work together to create a design that would protect the egg when dropped. The children had to test and experiment with different materials to ensure that their egg wouldn’t break when hitting the ground. ​This was a great success! We only had two pods with a small crack in their eggs and one pod with a perfect egg by the end of the challenge. Super work!

Back together again

St.Patrick’s day art

6th class have really enjoyed their first two days back as a class. It’s great to see them reconnecting with their peers and thriving together as a class. St.Patrick’s day was our focus in art this week and 6th class showed their creative sides by creating their very own St.Patrick’s theme door wreath. Have a lovely St.Patrick’s Day!

Sixth Class

Science week was a great success in 6th class. Each pod took on an experiment that involved mixing a base with an acid. In this experiment, they poured vinegar (acid) into a bag full of baking soda (base). The children soon realized that this caused an explosion which in scientific terms is called a chemical reaction. As you can see from the photos the students found it fun and exciting resulting in a successful experiment.

6th class have been busy making Lino Prints for Christmas. They learnt how to carve lino and how to use ink when printing. They really enjoyed the process and were delighted with their finished Christmas cards that they can send to someone special.

6th class wooly hat selfie!

6th class have been busy making Christmas crafts this week. They made mini wooly hats that you can see featuring on their heads in the picture. Each student was amazed at how easy it is to work with wool and were delighted with the finished product.

Meet our 6th class pods ready to take on December. 6th class have been busy decorating their classroom and have shown what great peers they can be when they work together. All the excitement about Christmas is finally kicking in!!

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